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We are the authorized dealer for many top end brands, come by the shop to see what we have on the shelves or ...

If you feel thirsty for adventures and want to live life to the fullest you definitely belong to the category of people who share the same need for life: ACTION and SPORT!

Amongst our core values we strongly believe that riding a bike is truly one of life's immense satisfactions and are always keen, excited and enthusiastic to our customers. We pride ourselves on our bike familiarity as well as knowledge, but at the same time you find us accessible and welcoming to 'fresh' riders.

It is our obligation to always make every effort in order to provide a high quality customer experience as we consider that quality products will help you obtain more pleasure from riding while we strongly believe that quality advice must be offered to all cyclists.

The products sold to you are products we truly believe in, while the services provided to you always come from sincerity and reliability. It is our duty to do everything possible in order to please our customers as we always treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves.

Our RIDE EASY experienced staff can assist you select the bike that suits you among the most recommended bikes and equipment and provide you professional services for any needed repair or upgrade of your bike. Ask anyone who's put in the miles: riding a bike is like discovering and exploring heaven on earth. Every hour we put into working on the smallest details is for you, for every second you're on the bike, when you forget the rest, focus on the ride, feel the wind in your hair and enter another world!!!